Award Categories

All awards are awarded for work published in the previous year, in English, apart from the case of transcripts, of course. Also Lifetime Achievement is of course excluded from the “previous year”-requirement.

Lifetime Achievement – 1 award

This is naturally the most prestigious award and is rewarded with this in mind.

The nominees in this category must exemplify remarkable work over an extended period of time that has had a strong, positive influence on the shaping of modern HEMA. Here, the panel may also take into account other forms of contributions, like teaching and academic or organizational achievements. Likewise, notable work for preserving or restoring a living European Martial Art is meriting for this category.

This category is exempted from the requirement of having to have published during the year and also from having to have published in English. It can also only be awarded once per person.

Best published instructor or interpreter – 1 award

The nominees for this category must have published interpretative or instructive work in some form. This can also include teaching & training methods or other theoretical work relating to modern HEMA.

Best published researchers – 2 awards

The nominees for this category must have published works on topics relating to fencing treatises, transcripts & translations, fencing culture, history&culture, arms&armour, HEMA research methodology and other similar topics. The work may include interpretative material.

Rookie researcher – 1 award

The nominees in this category should show great promise in their work, giving cause to believe that they will continue to produce quality material. The nominees mustn’t have published more than two formal academic HEMA-related papers, or one printed or digital HEMA-related book before the year in question. Posting informally on blogs may be exempt from this. It can only be awarded once per person.