Researchers eligible for nomination 2014

As it can be difficult to remember who published research in 2013 we will here list some examples of researchers and authors we know are eligible for nomination. For sure, there are many more and we strongly encourage you to help us add more to the list and nominate others you know of, especially printed books.

The Lifetime Achievement Award of course does not require publishing in 2013 and instead focuses on work throughout the nominee’s life. That work of course doesn’t have to be in English.


Igor Andreev

Smallsword… for we are many.

Charlélie Berthaut

Florius transcription and French translation 

Jerome Blanes

Petter translation

Jean Chandler

The sword in daily life

Phil Crawley

“Contenders ready!” The Gladiator Revival of Belle Epoque France
Translation of an Essay on Saint Didier’s Fencing Treatise
From Treatise to Exercise- a model for turning text into action

Puck & Mary Curtis

From the Page to the Practice

Keith Farrell

Flute for Fencing
Interpretive HEMA Systems

Keith Farrell & Alex Bourdas

AHA German Longsword Study Guide

Eugenio Garcia-Salmones

The Plagiarism by Nicolleto Giganti

Ilkka Hartikainen

Intelligent Fencing
Fencing in Gioco Largo
On Teaching
The Bolognese way to approach a fight
So what is tempo?
Grappling on Bolognese Swordsmanship
From Free Fencing to Drills

Daria Izdebska

Translation of Starzewski’s “On Fencing”

Ben Kerr

Cuir Bouille
The Mighty Staff Sling

Jens Peter Kleinau

The chronology of fencing books
1418 Modus Dimicandi Magistri H. Beringois of the Ms. G.B.f.18.a
The ultimate guide to the prime Medieval German Fencing Terms
1492 The signum of the Frankfurt fencing masters
1505 – Hans Wurm – Ringerbuch zu Landshut
1561 Onophrius Sockh, a Marxbruder and veteran of war of Vienna
1137 – 1139 Judicial duel in the kitab al-i’tibar
1360 – The law of judicial duels in the city of Gelnhausen
Fiore his master and his students

David Kite

Cod.Guelf.83.4 Aug.8º translation

Anders Linnard

What is a fencer?
Creativity, stress, and a stiff upper lip

Alen Lovric

A theory-based approach to teaching HEMA
Longswords and their data

Richard Marsden

Napoleonic Flame-War ‘Cut vs Thrust’

Andrea Morini

15th and 16th century Italian wrestling analogies

Matthew Newhouse

Paurnfeyndt staff translation

Reinier van Noort

A short note on strengeren, or “gaining the blade”
Bondi di Mazo scans
Peloquin translation

Reinier van Nooort & Jan Schäfer

Cod. Guelf. 264.23 transcription and translation

Roger Norling

The WhatChaMaCallit-Schwert
Save the wrestling! A short history of wrestling
Meyer’s masters
Joachim Meyer’s dagger system
A mentality of fear – and its importance to fighting
Meyer freeflow exercises

The Onion: Basics of European Longsword: Part 1-6

Manuel Valley Ortiz & Francisco Campos Nieto

Edition of Oplosophia e Verdadeira Destreza das Armas

Manuel Valley Ortiz & Ton Puey (Translators:  Denís Fernández Cabrera, Juan Diego Conde Eguileta)

Edition of Manuscrito da Espada

Pierre Pichon & Jean Chandler

French fencing guilds

Rob Runacres

Brief Notes on Using the Cloak with the Rapier
Exercises for the Cloak and Rapier

Rob Runacres & Thibault Ghesquière (Edited by Reinier van Noort)

Discourse of arms and method to properly fence with the sword and dagger – By Sieur Dancie

Tim Rivera

Godhino and Pacheco translations

Bartosz Sienawski

The Saber’s Many Travels (The Origins of the Cross-Cutting Art)

Kit Smith

Simple Staff Method and Drills

Thomas Stoeppler

3227a translation

Jherek Swanger

Di grassi, Agrippa translation

Fran Terminiello

Lady Fencers – transcript of an article in The Harmsworth Magazine, issue July 1899

Steve Thurston

Ledall’s Footwork

Christian Trosclair

Peter Falkner longsword translation

Iacopo Venni

Unfolding the cape

Guy Windsor

Vadi translation

Cory Winslow

Pseudo-Danzig translation


The individual authors of Acta Periodica Duellatorum vol. 1:
Jeanry Chandler
Maciej Talaga
Attila Törcsvári
Daniel Jaquet
Olivier Dupuis
Mátyás Miskolczi Ph.D.
Szabolcs Waldmann
Julien Garry

Pierre-Henry Bas