The 2014 Jury

Each year the HEMA Scholar Awards organization will have a new jury panel. The first panel was invited and chosen by the HROARR management, as will members of the new consecutive panels, when needed. An award winner is automatically invited into the panel of the following year and is the primary choice. The goal is to make the panel reflect the whole international community and to make sure that researchers from all around the world are given proper recognition.

The jury of 2014 is

Mr. Christian Tobler, USA
Awardee of Lifetime Achievement Award of the 2013 HEMA Scholar Awards.

Mr. Piermarco Terminiello, UK
Awardee of Best Researcher Award of the 2013 HEMA Scholar Awards

Mr. Kevin Maurer, USA
Awardee of Best Researcher Award of the 2013 HEMA Scholar Awards

Mr. Michael Chidester, USA
Awardee of Best Rookie Researcher Award of the 2013 HEMA Scholar Awards

Ms. Krisztina Nagy, Hungary
Member of Trnavský Šermiarsky Cech & Kárpáti Rudolf Vívóklub

Academic merits
Currently studying Fencing coaching at the Sport Science faculty of Semmelweis University.
Has published full translations of:
Felső-Eőry’sSafe Outcome of the Sword Duel‘, 1901
The Genesis and Reduction of the duel by Herczegh Mihály, 1903
Fencing competition and fencing match
by Norbert Sztrakay, 1895

Tournament merits:
Swordfish Gold medalist 2010 & 2011
Swordfish Bronze medalist 2012
Sports sabre Amateur champion of Hungary 2012
3rd place sports sabre, Cup of Vienna 2013
Amateur sports sabre champion of Hungary 2013
Winner of the Red Star Trophy, Belgrade, 2014