Researchers eligible for nomination 2016


As it can be difficult to remember who published research in 2015 we will here list some examples of researchers and authors we know are eligible for nomination. For sure, there are many more and we strongly encourage you to help us add more to the list and nominate others you know of, especially printed books.

The Lifetime Achievement Award of course does not require publishing in 2015 and instead focuses on work throughout the nominee’s life. That work of course doesn’t have to be in English.

Read more about nominations on its own page. There you can also send in your nominations.


Bourdas Alex

A statistical analysis of longsword lengths
An overview of the term “longsword”

Chandler Jean

Resources on Medieval Literacy Part III
Chivalry East of the Elbe, Part I

Chouinard Maxime

The “womanly art of self-defense” and the “God-Man Mystery”
What is Irish stick fighting?
When the cane is mightier than the sword
The sticks of Joinville : What is French Baton?
Treatise on the counter-point, by Alexandre Valville, 1817
Action Movies: Early films of European Martial Arts

Conti Andrea

Meyerozzo: The influences of the Bolognese method in German Rappier

Cotter-Reilly Keith

The Ringen of Joachim Meyer

Everbergs II M

A Brief Introduction to the Smallsword

Fabian Martin

Checkmate! A workshop guide

Farrell Keith

Encased in Steel Anthology I
What is a “Claymore”?
Meaningful Words: Comparing Translations of Historical Fencing Treatises

Gevaert Dr Bert

The use of the saber in the army of Napoleon: Part I
The use of the saber in the army of Napoleon: Part II
The use of the saber in the army of Napoleon: Part III
The use of the saber in the army of Napoleon: Part IV – Wounds caused by the saber

Gyarmati Henrik

How computer based systems can help improve our fencing skills

Hagedorn Dierk and Walczak Bartlomiej

Gladiatoria, ISBN 978-3932077425

Horvatic Sven

Use of opposite hand and muscle imbalance

Kerr Ben

The Expert Sword-Man’s Companion, 1728. ISBN 978-0-9926735-5-0. (As editor/transcriber)

Marsden Richard

The Polish Sabre, ISBN 978-0984771653.

Bored Students

Miller Ben

Colonel Thomas H. Monstery and the Use of the Quarterstaff
A “New System of Defence with the Bowie Knife” and the Strange Case of Mons. Bobij
Life of the Amazing Major J. A. McGuire, “Positively the World’s Greatest Swordsman”
The Cane Self-Defense of Maitre d’Armes Justin Bonnafous
Colonel Thomas Monstery, and the Training of Jaguarina, America’s Champion Swordswoman
A Visit with Colonel Thomas Monstery, and a Conversation About the Art of Defense
Colonel Thomas Monstery’s “Self-Defense for Gentlemen and Ladies”

Noort Reinier van

Swordplay: an anonymous illustrated Dutch treatise for fencing with rapier, sword and polearms from 1595, ISBN 978-1-937439-26-2.
Of the Single Rapier, ISBN 978-0-9926735-8-1.
Pascha’s Staff with Two Ends.
Notes on Thrust-fencing and on Cut-fencing (with Jan Schäfer).
The Artful Fencer.
A transcription of Joachim Köppe’s “Newer Discurs der Rittermeßigen und Weitberümbten Künst des Fechtens”.

Norling Roger

The nature of the work ahead of us
HEMA Pedagogics Part 3: How to create a good learning environment
A key to Meyer’s mechanics & footwork – part 1
Meyer Pilgrimage Part 2 – Basel

Preto Luis

From WHAT to teach to HOW to teach: A coaching contribution for the HEMA of the XXI century

Puey Ton

An overview of the Iberian Montante

Slee Chris

Fencing through the Ages
Adolphe Corthey: A French 19th Century HEMA Pioneer
“The Use of Weapons”, René François (1621)

Terminiello Piermarco

Hack & Slash in the Age of Reason: Italian Rapier Against Multiple Opponents

Zacharopoulos George

The importance of tactics in duel & sport



Read more about nominations on its own page. There you can also send in your nominations.