The Kernoozer’s Club

kernoozers-club-logo-logo-03The Kernoozer’s club was originally founded in 1881 in London and lasted 41 years until it was dissolved in 1922. Its focus was originally on research into arms and armour, but soon it also came to include research into the combat of days bygone. Prominent members were well-known HEMA pioneers Egerton Castle, Sir Richard Burton and Sirs Walter and Frederick Pollock. Cpt Alfred Hutton too was associated with them and their first president Baron de Cosson who owned an impressive arms & armour collection, including two antique fechtschwerter which Hutton copied and used for public fighting displays.

A new, international Kernoozer’s club is now launched, in the spirit of the original club and all award winners will automatically be invited to become members of this select group. This is the only way to become a member of the club.

The idea is to promote good research and scholarly debate with a spirit of brother/sisterhood where the more experienced members help the less experienced “rookie researchers” to grow through mentoring and where everyone takes pleasure in the sharing of ideas and furthering the research of HEMA.
The members are encouraged to use the club’s forums to debate research in an open-minded spirit, across all borders of land and organizations, sharing ideas, thoughts and research. Furthermore, the members are encouraged to try to meet in person, either while travelling or when visiting events around the world.

The club has no other agenda than to promote good research into HEMA. Each year its members can decide on having a president or not. In any voting, simple majority is enough for decision.
As a member you will gain access to the club’s forum.

More information about the Kernoozer’s Club will be added here, at a later time.